I love travelling and always when I am abroad I love to be inspired by the different designs and decor of various countries. Visiting restaurants abroad are always a fantastic way of getting new inspiration and ideas. I tend to take a lot of pictures, as I always think of my projects at home and how I could integrate the designs/decoration I like and see.
If you are a globetrotter yourself, here are some of my favourite Restaurants I’ve visited lately on my travels. If you like stylish places & delicious food, I would highly recommend you to visit these gems if you are in one of these places.
1.) Kalita Mykonos

2.) Principaute Panormos Mykonos (Beach Club & Restaurant)

3.) Beach Bar & Grill Dubai

4.) Roberto’s Dubai

5.) La Petite Maison London / Dubai / Istanbul / Nice

6.) Port Blanc Mallorca

7.) Lucy Wang Mallorca

8.) The Bungalow Capetown

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