Introduction / Consultation

In a first step it is all about getting to know each other and the project. In this non-binding consultation the aim is to find out as much as possible about your needs, wishes and the intended budget for the project. Another important aspect of this meeting are the current floor plans and the construction scheme.


For a refurbishment project a rough cost estimation is crucial both for our clients and us. For us it will be the foundation to generate the quotation.

Concept / Idea development

The concept development is the core phase of the project. In this stage refurbishment plans will be created, color & material concepts will be developed and 3D visualisations will be generated to clarify the new layouts and to help our clients’ imagination.

Sampling & Tender offer

In this stage we will on one hand look for suitable handcraftsmen in our existing network to perform the works but also to issue an invitation to tender and on the other hand we will simultaneously get started with the sampling process.

 Coordination / Realisatio

The last and crucial step is the actual realisation of the project. In this stage we will take care of the supervision of refurbishment , the coordination of the workers as well as making sure that all works are performed according to schedule.